SUSAN MERSON - Actor, Writer, Producer, Educator

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When Susan reads Tarot for me it is always uplifting.  This doesn't mean that the cards are necessarily all hearts and flowers, but because her approach covers the practical, spiritual and psychological, she offers a full overview of what is going on and to come and reminds me challenges always hold opportunities for growth and enlightened transitions.  I highly recommend her as a highly experienced and skilled practitioner....Jennifer W, Ct.

"Susan tunes into the energy and wisdom of the tarot with skill, ease and grace. Down to earth, practical and loving - I appreciate the clarity and perspective I gain from her " ...Nancy G.

Thank you for an excellent reading via Skype. It provided me with comfort and clarity for this crazy journey that I am on. It was like speaking to an old friend with love, laughter and guidance. I highly recommend your readings for other creatives and people walking unconventional paths or experiencing transitions in life. Big hugs from Portugal ....Candace VDW

Susan, you're readings are insightful and growth enhancing....Sheri M.

Susan started reading TAROT in the early 1970’s after taking a course at the Theosophical Society here in NYC. Since that time she has continued her study with Master Teachers Rachel Pollack, Mary Greer and Ellen Goldberg as well as online study of several intuitive teachers such as Lena Rodriguez and Linda G. She has worked with Healer and Intuitive Kadea Metara and followed the work of channel Paul Selig for many years. 

She specializes in working on the tools and cues for life transitions. Her large spreads allow her to work with you on past present and future strategies for success.

She believes that the cards can be an important intuitive tool for anyone interested in connecting to the non verbal, visual and symbolic cues that the cards offer


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