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Susan on creativity and the "fifth dimension" at SUU on January 24th, 2012

Dreaming in Daylight is now available as an audio book, so grab a copy and sit back and Susan will read to you..

About The Show

In the dry landscape of central California, a family must come to grips with the care of a small child, abandoned by her own parents and now forcing her grandparents to choose her instead of their own mistakes.With a haunting score by Shellen Lubin , in the tradition of Goblin Market and Floyd Collins, this story of choosing love in the long run wraps us in the mystery of survival and healing.

Playwright: Susan Merson
Music and Lyrics: Shellen Lubin
Additional Music: Matthew Gandolfo
Director: Shellen Lubin
Cast: Carolyn Mignini and Tuck Milligan
Rehearsal & Production Stills - NYC Production

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